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Trading with Multiple Timeframes: The Triple Screen Method

Many professional traders adopt the strategy of using multiple timeframes, and the Triple Screen method, as explained by Dr. Alexander Elder, is one approach that can be used to align analysis across various timeframes. Here are the key points and examples of its application:

1. Identify Favorite Timeframe:
  • Choose a favorite timeframe as the "intermediate." For example, the H4 chart.

2. Find Long-Term and Short-Term Timeframes:
Multiply or divide the intermediate timeframe by a certain number.

  • Long-Term: Intermediate × 5 (Example: H4 × 5 = D1/Daily). 
  • Short-Term: Intermediate ÷ 4-6 (Example: H4 ÷ 4 = H1).

3. First Screen - Long-Term (Monthly/Weekly/Daily):

  • Focus on general trend analysis.
  • Apply trend-following indicators such as Moving Averages, MACD, or trendlines.
  • Determine whether the trend is bullish, bearish, or non-trending.
  • This helps you make strategic decisions, whether to open long, short positions, or not trade.

4. Second Screen - Intermediate (Daily/4 Hours):

  • Use oscillators like Stochastics or RSI.
  • Identify pullback entry zones based on the long-term trend.
  • Set profit targets and stop losses.
  • This aids in tactical decision-making.

5. Third Screen - Short-Term (1 Hour/15 Minutes):

  • Look for support/resistance breakouts in line with the long-term trend.
  • Use this chart for more precise trading entries.
  • Validate signals from the second screen.

Example Application:

  • - Intermediate (H4):
    • Identify the general trend using Moving Averages.
    • The general trend is bullish.
  • - Long-Term (D1):
    • Use trend-following indicators to confirm the daily trend.
    • Validate the daily trend as bullish.
  • - Short-Term (H1):
    • Look for entry zones on the H1 chart aligned with the daily trend.
    • Choose entry points that support the overall trend direction.

Additional Tips:
- Evaluate Consistency:

  • Ensure consistency in applying the Triple Screen method.
  • Evaluate whether signals from the three screens are aligned.

- Use Other Confirmators:

  • In addition to the Triple Screen, use other confirmators like candlestick patterns or support/resistance levels.

- Timeframe Flexibility:

  • Adjust timeframes according to your trading style, but make sure to maintain proportionality.

- Watch News and Economic Events:

  • Monitor news and economic events that can affect the market across all timeframes.

- Implement Risk Management:

  • Set stop-loss and take-profit levels according to your analysis.

The Triple Screen method provides a comprehensive view of the market and helps you capture trading opportunities in line with the overall trend direction. Always remember to adapt to dynamic market conditions. 

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