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List of Successful Traders in Indonesia and Worldwide

Here is a list of some successful traders in Indonesia and the world, along with brief stories of their success:

  1. 1. George Soros:

    • Success Story: A poor university graduate who switched to the financial sector. He famously broke the Bank of England (1992) and Asian currencies (1997/1998) with his successful trades.

  2. 2. Bruce Kovner:

    • Success Story: After failing to obtain a PhD from Harvard, he worked as a political campaign supporter, writer, and taxi driver. He started trading in the commodity market, mastered Risk Management, and became one of the successful traders.

  3. 3. Jim Simons:

    • Success Story: A mathematician who ventured into trading in his late 30s. He founded a globally renowned Hedge Fund but refused to share the secrets of his success.

  4. 4. Bill Lipschutz:

    • Success Story: Known as "The Sultan of Currencies." He began trading stocks with his grandmother's inheritance, switched to forex trading, and earned USD300 Million in a year in 1985.

  5. 5. Michelle Williams:

    • Success Story: A Hollywood actress who won the World Futures Trading Championship in 1997 while still in high school with a return of up to 900%.

  6. 6. Kathy Lien:

    • Success Story: Started her career at JP Morgan Chase, became the Chief Currency Strategist at FXCM, and is a fundamental analysis expert frequently interviewed by global media.

  7. 7. Omar bin Ali (Oma Ally BBMA):

    • Success Story: A Forex Guru in Southeast Asia, pioneered the BBMA trading system since 2008, and serves as a Technical Advisory Board member at the Malaysian Association of Technical Analysts (MATA).

  8. 8. Ellen May:

    • Success Story: A Hollywood actress who won the World Futures Trading Championship in 1997 while still in high school. She is now a speaker and stock educator.

  9. 9. Desmond Wira:

    • Success Story: A former architecture student turned full-time trader and author of books on trading and investment.

  10. 10. Gema Goeyardi:

    • Success Story: The creator of the Astronacci Time Forecast method that combines Astrology and Fibonacci. Managed to grow a fund from USD2,000 to USD4 Million in 5 years.

  11. 11. Dian Kemala:

    • Success Story: Contributed brilliant trading ideas in international forex forums. Received various world-class awards.

This list includes various backgrounds and approaches to trading, showing that success can be achieved through different paths. Inspiration from the success stories of these traders can provide motivation to continue learning and growing in the world of trading.


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