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Learning the Relax Trading Technique à la Lazy Trader

How to introduce the concept of the relaxed trading technique à la Lazy Trader, which is interesting to explore. Here's a summary of the technique:

Benefits of the Relax Trading Technique:

Before understanding the technique, the article discusses common causes of trader failures, such as lack of established mindset, overtrading, and emotional trading influences. The relaxed trading technique is claimed to prevent traders from these mistakes.

How the Relax Trading Technique Works:

  1. Trading Frequency: This technique suggests opening positions only once a week. Although it sounds lazy, this approach aims to reduce psychological pressure and the desire to deviate from the plan.
  2. Pair Selection: Lazy Trader is applied to JPY (Japanese Yen) cross pairs, such as GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY, AUD/JPY, CAD/JPY, and CHF/JPY. This is based on the stable movement of the Yen at the beginning of the week.

Steps of the Relax Trading Technique:
  1. Determine Suitable Pairs: It is recommended to trade only one pair to avoid high positive correlation. JPY cross pairs are chosen based on their long and stable trend characteristics.
  2. Place Pending Orders: On the H4 chart, after four candles are closed, place a buy stop at the highest point and a sell stop at the lowest point with a distance of 20 pips. This is done once a week.

Risk Management:

  • Stop Loss and Take Profit: Continue to apply risk management by placing Stop Loss equal to the sell stop (for buy actions) or buy stop (for sell actions). Take profit is placed at a point that has been touched three times.
  • Break Even: Move the Stop Loss to the opening price level if the price touches the take profit level. This secures the capital and protects the position from loss risks.

Important Considerations:

  • Perseverance: This technique demands perseverance as it involves opening positions only once a week. Emotional control and discipline in executing the strategy are key to success.
  • Swap-Free or Low Overnight Costs: It is recommended to use a broker with swap-free policies or low overnight costs, considering the positions will be held for a full week.

The Relax Trading Technique à la Lazy Trader offers a unique approach to reduce psychological pressure and common trading mistakes. Although it sounds lazy, this strategy requires perseverance and good emotional control. Using JPY cross pairs and careful risk management implementation can help achieve the desired level of profitability.


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