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Enjoy Your Trading Experience!

Many traders view trading as a burden. However, it's important to recognize that enjoying the trading process is the key to success.

I often wonder why some trader colleagues or potential traders seem to perceive trading as a burden. They stress over floating negative positions, lack patience waiting for positions to reach Take Profit (TP), and frequently complain when facing Margin Calls (MC).

My simple advice to them: "Take a break from trading, turn off the computer, find other activities, or even take a short break if necessary."

Especially for new traders who already have many complaints. When they see a new trading platform with comments like, "It's complicated!" or have difficulty understanding the basics of forex with complaints like, "It's confusing!"

When meeting with such potential traders, I would say, "Perhaps trading is not suitable for you. Try finding other activities that are more suitable."

Trading shouldn't be done reluctantly. All activities are not good if done reluctantly, but this applies more to trading. Even for those who enjoy trading, they can feel stressed if they face unfavorable conditions too often. Moreover, for those who see trading as a burden, the stress can become very heavy!

A senior trader friend once suggested not to make trading the main source of income. He mentioned the difference in feeling between trading as a side activity and trading for a living. Although some traders claim to have successfully made trading their main source of income, it's not advisable for new traders to rely on trading as their primary source of income.

The mental burden for traders who trade just as a hobby is very different from those who have to make money from trading to meet their daily needs. Ideally, we should be able to work according to our interests and passions, in line with the term "working with passion." When we enjoy our work, all obstacles become challenges and enjoyable.

I know several trader friends who thoroughly enjoy their trading activities. They happily analyze charts, try out indicators, develop custom indicators or Expert Advisors (EAs), not only on weekdays but even on weekends when the market is closed! For them, looking at the trading platform brings happiness, not burden.

I myself feel something is missing on weekends because I can't see chart movements. For trader friends who enjoy trading activities, congratulations! You have found a job that matches your passion, meaning every challenge will be faced with pleasure.

For trader friends who still see trading as a burden, try changing your perspective. Enjoy every trading process. Although we have plans and targets, don't let them become burdens. Treat them as challenges so that enthusiasm and happiness remain in every transaction. Find your passion in trading. Be excited and enjoy your life!


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