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Effective Trading Strategy with Price Action: Pin Bar, Fakey, Inside Bar

The Price Action strategy is a simple yet powerful approach in the trading world. With patience and discipline, this strategy can serve as a reliable guide for traders. This article will focus on three core formations of Price Action: pin bar, fakey, and inside bar.

Pin Bar:
  • • In strong price movements, especially in uptrends or downtrends, the pin bar can be a highly accurate indicator. The formation of pin bars at significant support or resistance levels indicates a rejection of the trend. In the illustration below, examples of bearish and bullish pin bars are shown, as well as how a bullish pin bar can signal a trend reversal.
Fakey (False):
  • • The fakey formation indicates rejection at significant levels, where the price appears to follow the trend before reversing direction. Once formed, fakey formations are often followed by strong price movements. In an uptrend, a fakey consists of an inside bar followed by a false break that closes at the inside bar's range level. Entry points can be determined when the price exceeds the highest level of the inside bar. Examples of fakey formations in an uptrend are also provided for better understanding.
Inside Bar:
  • • The inside bar formation indicates a continuation of the trend or possibly a reversal. In practice, inside bars can signal market consolidation before a breakout in the direction of the dominant trend. The illustration below shows an example of an inside bar that breaks out after penetrating the support level, indicating potential downward movement.

By understanding and mastering the Price Action strategy using pin bars, fakey formations, and inside bars, traders can make smarter trading decisions. It is recommended to practice on the daily chart timeframe, with a focus on small risks and large rewards. This article provides a fairly clear guide for novice traders to understand candlestick patterns without confusion.

Although Price Action is simple in nature, patience, dedication, and discipline are still required to achieve a deep understanding and confidence in trading. By implementing the tips and strategies above, traders can reduce the risk of false signals and improve their trading skills. 


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