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Beginner Traders, No Whining Allowed! Learning from the Journey of a Trader

Hey fellow traders, let me introduce myself, I'm Bonifasius Jusuf, a trader from Palu City, Central Sulawesi, who has been on a trading journey for 2 years. I want to share my journey, filled with twists and turns and loaded with valuable lessons.

Two years ago, I began my acquaintance with the forex trading world by investing $100 and diving straight into trading. But the outcome? All gone! Despite facing loss after loss, I persisted in the forex world. Why? Because of commitment! For one and a half years, I searched for the perfect trading system at considerable cost, only to realize that "THERE IS NO SECRET FORMULA IN THE FOREX WORLD."

This reality, coupled with the emotional turmoil I experienced, taught me valuable lessons. I want to convey to fellow traders that the forex world is tough and requires hard work. Commitment is the key!

Here are some important lessons in my opinion:

  1. Anything Can Happen in the Market: No one can predict the future. Discipline and emotional control are the primary keys to facing market uncertainties.
  2. No True Trader Can Predict the Future: Successful traders are not fortune-tellers. They don't need to know the future to succeed in trading.
  3. Money Management Is More Important Than Strategy: Money management is the key to success in trading. It's more important than the strategy itself.
  4. Trading Is Risk Management: Trading is essentially about risk management. Money management determines long-term success.
  5. Master Yourself: The first thing to master in trading is yourself. It's a simple yet most challenging process.

Through my two-year experience, just four days ago, I still incurred losses. However, I must remain committed to success in trading or become destitute! Trading is like my game against the market, and like a tennis player who loses, I'll say, "Good game, Mate! See you next week!" Surrender is not an option in our world. Stay strong!

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