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BBMA OA Trading System: Basic Understanding and Entry Types

BBMA OA (Bollinger Bands Moving Average Oma Ally) is a trading system developed by a Malaysian trader named Oma Ally. This system has gained popularity among Indonesian traders because it is considered to have high entry accuracy, low floating time, and the ability to perform layered entries. Here is a basic understanding and types of entries in BBMA OA:

Indicators Used:

  1. 1. Bollinger Bands (BB):
  • Main Function: To observe market volatility and serve as dynamic Support and Resistance levels.
  • Horizontal Bollinger Bands: Indicates ranging or sideways markets.
  • Expanding Bollinger Bands: Indicates possible trend continuation after the price successfully breaks the Top or Low BB.
  1. 2. Moving Average (MA):
  • Main Function: To determine the trend direction and act as dynamic Support and Resistance levels.
  • MA 5 and 10: Important in BBMA OA, especially as entry points.

Types of BBMA OA Entries:

  1. 1. Extreme:
  • Occurs when MA 5 or 10 moves out of the Top or Low BB.
  • Valid if there is a reversal candle that closes inside the BB or near the MA 5.
  • Take Profit (TP) is mandatory at MA 5 or 10 to avoid extreme risks.
  1. 2. Market Losing Volume (MHV):
  • Occurs after extreme conditions.
  • MHV characteristics: candlesticks unable to penetrate back into the Top or Low BB.
  • MHV can form various chart patterns such as Double Top, Triple Top, Head and Shoulders, etc.
  • It is recommended not to rush entry; mark every highest price that cannot penetrate the Top or Low BB.
  1. 3. Reentry:
  • The safest entry type, especially for beginners.
  • Entry preparation uses Candlestick Direction (CSA) and Candlestick Momentum (CSM).
  • CSA: Initial signal of price change after extreme and MHV. Divided into Early and Strong CSA.
  • CSM: Initial signal that the market has the strength to move, marked by a breakout candlestick or close outside the BB.
  • Entry is only made at MA 5 or 10 High or Low according to the trend direction.

Trading Tips with BBMA OA:

  1. Train yourself to master each type of entry, especially reentry for beginners.
  2. Only use all entry types if you truly master each type.
  3. Position entries are only made at MA 5 or 10, High or Low in line with the trend direction.
  4. In addition to BBMA OA, you can also try trading using Supply and Demand.

By understanding the basics of BBMA OA and its entry types, traders can optimize the use of this system in their trading activities. It is important to train and have a good understanding before actually applying this system in real trading.


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